Photo 101 – #20 – Victory

Victory is such a personal measure. The images I have selected are related to a couple wonderful experiences in my life. My victory was rising to the challenges I felt in these positions, and the feeling comes whenever I see these photos.

HaitiVictoryHaiti: My victory was when the approximately 100 students, for whom I was a volunteer teacher of English, embraced the folk song, “If I Had a Hammer.” We had fun practicing it and they had fun singing it, as well as appreciating its message.

The whole Haiti experience is evoked by one of my last views of the beauty of this country, amid its many sad, difficult aspects.HaitiSunset




A reminder of another short-term teaching experience hangs in my dining room. I was moved to create in clay a memory of the amazingly colorful, proud women of Namibia. I call my juxtaposition of these artists’ treatment of line and color, “With Respect to Piet, Paul, and the Namibian Ladies.” NamibiaRespect


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Photo 101 #19 – Double & Rotation

This topic posed a challenge to me. I tried to see if I could create an interesting image by both rotating and doubling an original photo. Like this:

doubleI call the result “Double cross.”     doublecross

But to me, the result wasn’t satisfying—too symmetrical, no surprise.

So I tried rotating a photo and using portions of it to crate a strong vertical or horizontal effect:

cross kid2   cross kid2-horizontal



cross kid-vertical








Then I combined reflecting an image, squeezing it, and making it vertical or horizontal:
















I still prefer the look of natural doubling!


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Photo 101 – #18 – Edge

It seems I’m not a very “edgy” person—couldn’t find many instances where I captured the juxtaposition of contrasting views. At least that’s how I interpret this assignment. Anyway, here goes!

I thought this peak at modern Panama City through a derelict building’s window in Panama City’s Old Town, Casco Viejo, contrasted the old/new















Up at the castle in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, small openings in the ramparts (for use by archers in case of attack?)  give an edge to views of the city.



Another kind of edge, this wheel-right’s tool is all about creating a perfect edge on a wheel and also nicely framed the blacksmith.





And back to Panama, during a ship’s crawl through the Canal, one sailor found an edgy perch from which to enjoy the ride:

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Photo 101 – #17-b – Glass, again!

How could I have forgotten Chihuly? His glass pieces are all about light. These are just a few of my 50 or so Chihuly images. Can you identify the location of one of his Washington State (hint) installations from the third photo?










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Photo 101 – #17 – Glass

When I saw the topic, I immediately thought of the fun my husband and I had with glass in one hall of the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. I took this photo, and my husband took the one of me:













The photo below shows the windows from the outside, along a lower wing of the building. It’s a great museum, inside and out!


Then there was this shop window in Prague, in which I managed to catch a most interesting reflection ~









And just one more… This is a glass walled skyscraper in Ottawa, Canada. I liked the way the fairly old church reflects well on the very new structure.




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Photo 101 – #16 – Treasure

To me a treasure is something not easily seen, a gift that remains in the memory, brightening thoughts of a certain place or person. This treasure reminds me of a Brother who is a born naturalist and shared a view of this little chameleon, getting ready to eat its lunch.


This chameleon hales from Nyangana, Namibia.










Now I’d look for more such special images, but sometimes receiving just one simple treasure is better. Besides, I have to go pack for a trip.

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Photo 101 #15 – Landscape and Cropping

Since landscapes are the big picture, I’ve gathered some big places:

IMG_7664   ~ The mountains of Zion

The view from Eagle’s Nest, in Germany ~IMG_8349













And not far from there, Maria’s Austrian Sound of Music hills (Sadly, road construction stopped us a few miles from the actual meadow)~








And back in Utah, a different kind of vista—arid, majestic, truly inaccessible ~ IMG_7656










My final landscape isn’t so big, and it’s definitely accessible—a nice stretch of beach on the North shore of Prince Edward Island, with the greenest sand dunes I’ve ever seen ~



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